Things to make for fun

Easy Things to make: devices, gadgets, gizmos, thingys, easy projects; most use common tools and materials; instruction and diagrams.
diamond button A pair of stilts, a shadow box, a cool toy boat, and a boot jack (for removing boots without using your hands). --  This is a few pages from the ebook "Homemade Devices For Inventive Teens".
diamond button Fold a sheet of newspaper to make a hat. A simple gizmo that surprises someone in the same sort of way as those cans that something pops out of when opened. -- This is a few pages from the ebook "Clever Construction".
diamond button Duct tape wallet - Genuine, homemade, make-it-yourself, handy-dandy wallet made from duct tape.
diamond button Paper chain - How to make those chain-like things out of gum wrappers. chuckalucka
diamond button Hummer buzzer - Make a simple noise maker.
diamond button Friendship bracelet - String and a few beads can be used to make a bracelet.
diamond button Balanced butterfly - This model butterfly seems to hold on to whatever it is perched on.
diamond button Bird house - Build it . Use a board, nails, hand saw, and a drill with a hole saw attachment (or coping saw).
diamond button Photo holder - Make this to display a photo on a desk or bureau top.
diamond button Big mouth puppet - Made from a sheet of paper, it resembles a bird's head with a large mouth.
diamond button Fob cord - From shoestrings a decorative handle for keychains, zipper handles or whatever.
diamond button Led light - How to make a portable, battery friendly reading light.
diamond button Untested projects - Descriptions of several projects thought out enough that the next step would be to build the project.


Easy Things to make: homemade items and devices; photographs of what the MakeGizmos webmaster has made. Choose one of the following 9 pages.
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Slickditty's books on things to make: at the

diamond button Clever Construction (for those 12 to 14 years of age, but some adults might enjoy making the items in this book

diamond button Homemade Devices For Inventive Teens

diamond button MakeGizmos home page
Mr. DuwahDitty Our greatest abilities began as small accomplishments. A child's first words began with learning to make noises. Later the child learned to make sounds like those the parents made. The meanings of the words were learned. Then sentences were formed. A long process led to speaking and listening using language with the ability of an adult. It is the same with all our abilities: they begin small, they build upon previous achievement. Be proud of all your small accomplishments and nurture them, for they are what your most cherished abilities are built upon.