Things to make - Gum wrapper chain

Many people enjoy collecting such items as bottle caps and pull tabs from soda cans . Some people collect gum wrappers and fold each wrapper in a certain way and then weave them together to form a sort of chain. In case you would like to try making a gum wrapper chain, a description of the process is given below.

First cut the gum wrapper in half lengthwise so it becomes only half as wide and remains the same length. Then fold the wrapper lengthwise. Fold it lengthwise a second time. It should still be the original length.

three 180 bends Next fold the paper in half so that it becomes half as long. Fold again by bringing each of the ends to the crease at the midpoint of the paper's length.

    insecta domestica note carrier Do the same thing with the other half of the wrapper. Align the two pieces as in the diagram.

mecho insecta domesticus Push the ends of the one piece through the loops of the other piece.

3 link chain Make a third piece and push it through the second piece. You can continue adding pieces to make the chain as long as you like.

Gary Duschl has a web page showing and describing his world record gum wrapper chain. He keeps adding to the chain and so needs more Wrigley gum wrappers. If you would like to contribute, check out his web site at

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