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A bracelet can be made from 4 pieces of string each about 5 feet long. Have each piece a different color or perhaps use a natural color hemp cord for all four. Most of the length of the bracelet is made of knots tied from the string. Using thicker string or yarn will require fewer knots and so less time to complete the bracelet. But some people will want to use thinner cord because of the more delicate look it gives to the bracelet. You will also need at least 2 beads with holes large enough so that about 4 strings will go throught at the same time. Depending on the thickness of the cord and the size of the beads, you may like to use 2 or 3 beads where these directions tell you to use one. If you use thick string or yarn, instead of beads cut pieces from a plastic outer tube of a used up ball point pen. A hacksaw may be the best tool to use. A necklace can be made by starting with longer strings.

Lay out the four pieces together. Wrap the center of the bundle once around a pencil and tie a double knot leaving a loop the size of the pencil. If you are using thick cord or yarn use a finger instead of a pencil so a larger loop is formed. Place the loop under a heavy weight or in a clipboard to hold it. Divide the 8  strings into two groups of 4. If the 4 strings are of 4 different colors arrange them so the 4 strings on the left are each a different color. Then the 4 strings on the right should be arranged in the opposite order. If the left strings are from left to right brown, green, orange and red, then those on the right should be red, orange, green and brown.

left string wraps around right stringOne type of knot will be used for almost all the rest of the bracelet. That knot has a left and a right version. The sketch on the left shows the left version. In that version the string on the left is wrapped around the right string. The right string is kept tight and straight. After the knot is made, pull the left string to the left to tighten the knot. When the knot is finished the string on the left will be the string that had been on the left before the knot was started. In the right version of the knot the string on the right is wrapped around the other string. The right string is pulled to the right to tighten the knot. The right and left strings have not changed sides when the knot is done. For a neater looking bracelet try to make all the knots the same tightness and size.

Take the left 4 strings together as if they are a single string and make a left knot around the right group of 4. Then use the right 4 strings to make a right knot. Make a left knot for a total of three such knots.

Step 1. Divide the left 4 strings into 2 groups of 2. Use the left pair to make a left knot around the right pair. Use the right pair to make a right knot around the left pair. Continue left and then right until you have made 5 such knots.

Step 2. Repeat Step 1 with the right 4 strings.

Step 3. Use the left 2 strings only to make 10 knots starting with a left knot, then a right, then a left and so on. Make 10 more knots in the same way using only the next pair of strings to the right. Repeat the process with the remaining 4 strings using only 2 strings at a time.
Step 4. You now have 4 groups of two strings each. Think of the pairs as being numbered 1 through 4 from left to right. Place pairs 2 and 3 through a bead or section of plastic tube. Make a double knot with pairs 1 and 2. Make a double knot with pairs 3 and 4.
Step 5. Use the left 2 strings together to make a left knot around the next pair of strings to the right(now called pair 2). Use pair 2 to to make a right knot around the left pair. Continue alternating left and right knots for a total of 5 knots.
Step 6. Repeat step 5 using the 4 strings on the right.
Step 7. Use the 4 strings on the left together as one string and the 4 strings on the right together as one string to make a double knot.
Step 8. You can now repeat steps 1 through 7 as many times as necessary until the bracelet is long enough.
To finish put the 8 strings through the starting loop and make a double knot. You might like to change or add to this design: use more beads, have just one large bead at the center of the bracelet, use a metal ring instead of a bead or perhaps purchase a clasp to make putting the bracelet on and off easier.
Some jewelry, craft and department stores sell kits for making a friendship bracelet. The kits will contain everything you need and you may be able to choose a design that you particularly like.
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