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The most interesting web sites I've lately come upon:

Boys Life Magazine -- Some construction projects and etc. Boys Life Magazine

LeisureIdeas -- Among other topics, has build-it-yourself projects. Sells ebooks on building improvised devices.

Exotic Paper Airplanes-- Has 9 designs with folding instructions. Exotic Paper Airplanes

How Stuff Works -- About 200 mostly short, concise articles explaining the function and/or design of machines and apparatus. Also gives explanations of various concepts and processes that you likely have wondered about at one time or other.

Anthony's Kite Workshop -- Has plans for kites you can make and links to other web sites with plans and/or pictures.

AllCrafts -- Has instructions for a variety of make-it-yourself craft items. I like the paper boats.

Creativity Portal -- Has links to craft sites, some how-to articles mostly on decorative crafts, some articles on topics such as creativity, writing, and the business of crafts.

Craftster -- Message board with pictures of non typical, homemade, artful, non cutesy creations.

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Mr. DuwahDitty Happiness often has more to do with enjoying what you do than with doing what you enjoy.

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